Student Membership

Annual Dues: $5.00
Student members are full-time students at one of the state’s institutions of higher education. Student members may hold elected office in the society. Student members receive the biannual newsletter and may attend the annual meeting.

The society provides opportunities for and encourages students to present their microscopy, imaging and/or microanalysis related research at our annual meeting. In previous years this has included a contest, with a monetary prize, to the best poster and/or platform presentation in the biological, and in the physical sciences. Additionally, travel awards have been offered to assist out-of-town students in attending the annual meeting.  Purchase student membership.

Regular Membership

Annual Dues: $10.00
Regular members are individuals that have an interest in microscopy, imaging and/or microanalysis. Regular members may hold elected office in the society. Regular members receive the biannual newsletter and may attend the annual meeting at the lowest possible registration fee (the annual meeting has been free of charge for several years). Purchase regular membership.

Corporate Membership

Corporate members provide valuable financial and intellectual resources for this society. Corporate members have underwritten much or all of the costs of our past annual meetings as well as providing some of the invited presentations.

There are four tiers of corporate membership. Basic corporate membership still affords all the benefits previously enjoyed, as it will in the future. The Gold, Platinum, and Diamond tiers were created to aid some of our corporate members in budgeting their yearly support for AIMS.

This tiered dues schedule does not preclude a corporate member from separately paying for advertisements, tables or sponsoring a student or coffee break.

We very much value and depend on the participation of all our corporate members and look forward to your continued support.

The benefits of corporate membership:

  • Acknowledgement at our annual meeting, and in the biannual newsletter.
  • A copy of the biannual newsletter.
  • The option of having a second copy of the newsletter sent to another individual in the same company.
  • The opportunity to put a copy of your corporate business card in the biannual newsletter.
  • The opportunity to include commercial fliers and announce significant events via the biannual newsletter.
  • The opportunity to have your product information displayed at the annual meeting.
  • Corporate members are welcome at all our annual meetings and seminars. If there is a registration fee for attending the meeting, corporate members will pay the same fee as regular members (due to the financial underwriting of corporate members, a fee for our annual meeting has not been necessary for several years).
  • Corporate members have the opportunity to purchase a table at our annual meeting for product demonstration. In addition, corporate members have sponsored coffee breaks, student presentation awards and travel awards in their company’s name. We are grateful for the corporate members’ support. Contact the society President or the Secretary for pricing information and dates.

Corporate members may not hold elected office in the society.

AIMS Tiered Corporate Dues

Tier 1: SILVER [Link]

Basic Corporate Membership $60.00

  • Membership for 2 persons
  • Receive bi-annual AIMS Newsletter
  • Listing and weblink posted on the AIMS website
  • May receive addresses and phone numbers of AIMS members upon request

Tier 2: GOLD [Link]

Gold Corporate Membership: $200.00

  • Tier 1 +
  • Table at meeting

Tier 3: PLATINUM [Link]

Platinum Corporate Membership: $500.00

  • Tier 2 +
  • First choice of table location at the annual meeting
  • Half of full page ad in program
  • Poster Award named for vendor

Tier 4: DIAMOND [Link]

Meeting Sponsor: $2000.00

  • Tier 3 +
  • Logo added to featured image banner on website
  • Vendor credited for Luncheon catering with signs displayed throughout meeting

A La Carte Options

Table at annual meeting: $200.00
Sponsor Student Award(s): $300.00

Contact AIMS to find out about other sponsorship options.