ImageJ/FIJI Workshop

Special Event: Workshop

March 18, 2021
Morning and Afternoon Sessions
Arizona State University TEC Talk Online

This event is free and open to the public. Registration is required.

The focus of this workshop is to introduce researchers to methods in analyzing microscope data using ImageJ/FIJI. Limitations of image manipulation and ethical responsibility will also be discussed. Anyone working with microscopes are encouraged to attend. [*No more GrubHub vouchers are available.]

The workshop is divided into two sessions:

Morning session [11:00AM-12:00PM] – This seminar will focus on the effective use of ImageJ, a set of open source tools for analysis of microscope images. Examples will include bright-field, fluorescent, and live cell images. To participate in real time, please download FIJI from: before the seminar.

Lunch Break [12:00PM-1:00PM]

Afternoon Session [1:00PM-2:00PM] – The advanced session for experienced users will cover methods to take your ImageJ/FIJI analysis to the next level, with an overview of macro writing, batch processing, and automated analysis routines. AMT Imaging will present a demonstration of their hands-free, remotely operated hardware-to-analysis pipelines which take further advantage of advanced functions of ImageJ/FIJI.

This presentation provides two hours of training that can be applied to the ethics training required by NSF and NIH funded grants. A record of attendance will be collected for each attendee.