Advanced Imaging Center – Janelia

Advanced Imaging Center
HHMI/Janelia Research Campus visiting Scientist Program

The Advanced Imaging Center at the Janelia Research Campus has advanced microscope systems such as the lattice light sheet, iPALM and SIM. With support from HHMI, Janelia offers opportunities for researchers to submit proposals requesting to come on campus and use these instruments. During the 2017 AIMS meeting Dr. Teng Leong Chew, Center Director, provided attendees with information about the program and gave suggestions on how to prepare a competitive proposal. Those interested in submitting a proposal are strongly encouraged to contact the staff at the AIC [] to determine if their proposed research is a good fit. It is also highly recommended that potential applicants read the blog post: What makes a successful proposal to the AIC?

The AIC is not currently accepting proposals from scientists who are interested in conducting experiments at the Advanced Imaging Center (AIC). You are invited to subscribe to the Janelia newsletter for updates on when the AIC will be open again to visiting scientists.

The currently available microscopes are:

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