2022 Corporate Sponsors


Academic & Society Sponsors

Corporate Diamond Sponsor

  • Thermo Fisher Scientific
    Primary Contact: Tony Carpenter, Life Sciences Sr Account Manager
    Email: tony.carpenter@thermofisher.com
    Phone: 480-650-8190

Corporate Platinum Sponsors

  • CTK Instruments
    Primary Contact: Thomas Speiker, President
    Email: thomas@ctk-instruments.com
    Phone: 866-464-1005 x101
  • Electron Microscopy Sciences
    Primary Contact: Kim McMichael, Marketing and Communications
    Email: summers_optical@hotmail.com
    Phone: 215-412-8400
  • NanoScience Instruments
    Primary Contact: Joe Grech
    Email: jgrech@nanoscience.com
    Phone: 480-758-5411
  • Olympus
    Primary Contact: William Vincent
    Email: william.vincent@olympus.com
    Phone: 480-356-4316
  • Protochips
    Primary Contact: Dylan Wood, Americas Regional Sales Manager
    Email: dylan.wood@protochips.com
    Phone: 612-751-4391

Corporate Gold Sponsors

  • AMT Imaging
    Primary Contact: Adam Manganiello, Director of Sales and Marketing
    email: adam@amtimaging.com
    Phone: 508-221-4449
  • Bruker AXS Microanalysis
    Primary Contact: Brian Miller, Microanalysis AXS Sr. Sales Representative
    email: brian.miller@bruker.com
    Phone: 503-984-0191
  • Direct Electron, LP
    Primary Contact: Bob Monteverde, Director of Marketing & Business Development
    Email: bmonteverde@directelectron.com
    Phone: 408-858-6297
  • Gatan/Ametek
    Primary Contact: John Haritos, Regional Sales Manager Southwest
    Email: john.haritos@ametek.com
    Phone: 512-745-5954
  • Joel USA, Inc.
    Primary Contact: Carolyn Rogers
    Email: crogers@jeol.com
  • Nikon Instruments Inc.
    Primary Contact: Chris Miller, Biosciences Sales Specialist
    Email: christopher.miller@nikon.com
    Phone: 602-363-9689
  • North Central Instruments/Leica
    Primary Contact: Chris Allen, Life Science Sales
    Email: chrisa@ncimicro.com
    Phone: 602-419-6234
  • Oxford Instruments/Nanoanalysis
    Primary Contact: David Richards
    Email: david.richards@oxinst.com
    Phone: 978-831-0526
  • VWR
    Primary Contact: Hallie Rexer, Sales Representative , AZ
    Email: hallie.rexer@avantorsciences.com
    Phone: 602-386-0123

Corporate Silver Sponsors

  • Tescan
    Primary Contact: Hope Arnold, Marketing Communications & Events Specialist
    Email: hope.arnold@tescan.com
    Phone: 724-772-7433 x126