2003 AIMS Annual Conference

March 13, 2003
Arizona Ballroom
University of Arizona
Tuscon, AZ


The 2003 annual AIMS meeting was held in the spacious new (at the time) Student Union at the University of Arizona. Invited speakers only, with a full schedule of exciting and informative topics in the works. Each poster presenter had two minutes to introduce their topic from the podium, and cash awards were presented for the best student poster in both the physical and biological sciences.

The addendum were as follows:

Annual AIMS Conference 2003 Speaker Information and Abstracts

Morning Session

8:45 AM
Sara E. Miller, MSA President, Duke Univeristy, “Emerging Diseases and Microscopy”

9:30 AM
Robert W. Roberson Arizona State University, “Visualization of Cytoplasmic Order and Dynamics During Cellular Growth and Morphogenesis in Fungi”

11:15 AM
Paul G. Kotula, MAS Tour Speaker, Sandia Nationa Laboratories, “Spectral Imaging: The Next Step in Microanalysis”

Afternoon Session

1:15 PM
Charles J. Kazilek and Gene Valentine, Arizona State University, “Through the Fibers: Confocal Images of Handmade Paper are Fused with Art and Dance”

1:45 PM
Stuart K. Williams, University of Arizona, “Imaging of the Microcirculation in Regenerative Medicine”

2:15 PM
Stuart Lindsay, Arizona State University, “Single Molecule Electronic Measurements with a Conducting Atomic Force Microscope”

3:30 PM
Jennifer K. Barton, University of Arizona, “Optical Coherence Tomography: New Technology and Applications”

4:00 PM
Konrad E. Zinsmaier, University of Arizona, “Calcium Imaging at Drosophila Neuromusular Junctions: Insights into the Function of Cysteine String Protein”