2002 AIMS Annual Conference

March 7, 2002
Old Main
Arizona State University
Tempe, AZ 85287


The addendum were as follows:

Annual AIMS Conference 2002 Speaker Information and Abstracts

Morning Session

8:45 AM
Lucille A. Giannuzzi, University of Central Florida, “Focused Ion Beam Specimen Preparation for Everything”

9:30 AM
Joseph W. Perry, University of Arizona, “Two-photon, 3-D Lithography”

11:30 AM
Brad J. Marsh University of Colorado, “3-D structural studies of the pancreatic beta cell by high resolution EM tomography”

Afternoon Session

1:30 PM
Nigel D. Browning, University of Illinois at Chicago, “Interfaces and Defects in Nanoscale Material Systems”

2:15 PM
David J. Dingley TexSEM Laboratories and University of Bristol, “Automated crystallography in the SEM and TEM”

3:15 PM
Clint Potter The Scripps Research Institute, “Automated Molecular Microscopy”