2006 AIMS Annual Conference

March 23, 2006
South Ballroom, Student Union
University of Arizona
Tuscon, AZ


The annual AIMS meeting for 2006 was held in the spacious Student Union at the University of Arizona. Each poster presenter had two minutes to introduce their topic from the podium, and cash awards were presented for the best student poster in both the physical and biological sciences. The addendum were as follows:

Annual AIMS Conference 2006 Program

Morning Session

7:30 AM
Registration (Membership Fees)

8:00 AM
Welcome: AIMS President, David Bentley

8:05 AM
Paul Hlava, “Gemstone Synthesis”

9:15 AM
Marvin Landis, “3 D Imaging in an Immersive Virtual Reality Environment”

10:15 AM
Coffee Break—Danish, Fresh Fruit, Talk with Vendors

10:30 AM
Peter Crozier, John Wheatley

10:45 AM
Student Presentations and Posters

12:00 Noon
Buffet Lunch

Afternoon Session

1:00 PM
David Elliott, “3 Dimensional Electron Microscopy in Biology”

2:00 PM
Coffee Break —Cookies, Fresh Fruit, Talk with Vendors

2:30 PM
Yi Wei, “Field Emission Microscopy Study of Carbon Nanotube, Stability and Contrast Mechanism.”

3:30 PM
Announcement of student awards

3:45 PM
Alex Cronin, “Image Charges in Electron Optics.”

4:45 PM
Close Meeting

5:15 PM
Business meeting in the board room

4:45 PM
Close of Scientific Meeting

6:30 PM
No Host Dinner