2005 AIMS Annual Conference

March 24, 2005
Alumni Lounge, Old Main
Arizona State University
Tempe, AZ 85287


The addendum were as follows:

2005 Arizona Imaging And Microanalysis Society Annual Meeting

Morning Session

8:00 AM
Registration and Coffee (Coffee sponsored by Gatan)

8:30 AM
Welcome, AIMS President Robby Roberson

8:40 AM
Nick Read, Institute of Molecular Plant Sciences, University of Edinburgh, Scotland.
Title: “High resolution imaging and optical tweezer micromanipulation of living fungal cells.”

9:25 AM
Pedro Peralta, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, ASU
Title: “Characterization of Mechanical Behavior of Metallic Materials at the Mesoscale Using Orientation Imaging Microscopy (OIM)”

10:10 AM
Coffee Break (Sponsored by Molecular Imaging and EDAX, Inc.)

10:30 AM
Kent McDonald, Electron Microscopy Lab Director, UC Berkeley, CA
Title: “High Pressure Freezing: Recent Developments and Applications”

11:15 AM
Poul Hansen, Haldor Topsoe, Denmark
Title: “Atomic-scale Imaging of Supported Metal Nanocluster Catalysts in their Working State”

12:00 Noon
Lunch (catered lunch just outside Carson Ballroom; Sponsored by FEI)

Afternoon Session

1:30 PM
Hao Yan, Biodesign Institute, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, Arizona State University
Title “DNA based Nanobiotechnology”

2:00 PM
John Mackenzie, Jr. (MAS Tour Speaker) Center for Electron Microscopy, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC
Title: “Digital Imaging Workflow in Microscopy and Microanalysis”

2:45 PM
Student Poster Descriptions

3:00 PM
Poster Session and Vendor Mixer (Sponsored by Marine Reef International [Leica-Diatome-EMS], and McBain Instruments)

4:00 PM
Ken Downing , Univ California-Berkeley, Lawrence Berkeley Lab, Berkeley CA
Title: “Microtubules and Tubulin-binding Drugs Studied by Cryo-EM and Electron Crystallography”

4:45 PM
Poster Awards (Sponsored by EM Lab Services, Inc. Hitachi, and Leeds Precision Instruments)

4:50 PM
Closing remarks

5:00 PM
Annual Business meeting and election of new officers

Annual AIMS Conference 2005 Speaker Information and Abstracts

All links below are in PDF format

Kenneth H. Downing
Poul L. Hansen
John Mackenzie, Jr.
Kent McDonald
Pedro D. Peralta
Hao Yan