2017 Corporate Sponsors

Academic & Society Sponsors

Corporate Platinum Sponsors

  • Bruker AXS Microanalysis
    Primary Contact: Brian Miller, Microanalysis AXS Sr. Sales Representative
    email: brian.miller@bruker.com
    Phone: 503-984-0191
    Secondary Contact: Eun Cho, Fluorescence Microscopy Sales Representative
    Email: eun.cho@bruker.com
    Phone: 714-293-4553
  • Carl Zeiss Microscopy, L.L.C.
    Primary Contact: Spencer Hansen, Account Manager
    email: spencer.hansen@zeiss.com
    Phone: 1-800-233-2343
  • Electron Microscopy Sciences
    Primary Contact: Patrick Minnella
    560 Industry Road
    Hatfield, PA 19440
    Phone: 215-412-8400
    Secondary Contact: Kim McMichael, Marketing and Communications Director
    Email: summers_optical@hotmail.com
  •  Thermo Fisher Scientific [Previously FEI]
    Primary Contact: Tony Carpenter, Senior Account Manager, Life Sciences
    907 E Brookwood Court, Phoenix Az 85048
    Phone: 480-650-8190
    Email: tony.carpenter@thermofisher.com
    Secondary Contact: Dan Gostovic, Account Manager, Material Science
    16700 Park Row Drive
    Houston, Tx 77084
    Phone: 713-375-1322
    Email: dan.gostovic@thermofisher.com
  • Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc.
    Primary Contact: Rod Baird, Product Manager
    Email: rod.baird@hitachi-hta.com
    Secondary Contact: Elyn Seaman, Senior Marketing Specialist
    22610 Gateway Center Drive, Suite 100
    Clarksburg, MD 20871
    Email: elyn.seaman@hitachi-hta.com
  • IBIDI USA, Inc.
    Primary Contact: Michael Brodie, Technical Sales Representative
    510 Charmany Drive, Suite 268
    Phone: 844-276-6363
    email: mbrodie@ibidi.com
  • Photometrics
    Primary Contact: Rachit Mohindra, Product Manager, Photometrics and QImaging
    3440 East Britannia Drive
    Tucson, Az 85706-2570
    Phone: (520) 547-2576
    Email: rmohindra@photometrics.com
    Secondary Contact: Cyndy Nawrocki, Marketing Communications Director
    Phone: (520) 547-2745
    Email: cnawrocki@photometrics.com

Corporate Gold Sponsors

  • Boeckeler, Inc.
    Primary Contact: Robert Chiovetti, Product Manager, Boeckeler, Inc.
    Phone: (520) 546-4986
    Email: bob@boeckeler.com
    Secondary Contact: Erin Jordan, Communications Manager
    (520) 745-0001
    Email: erin@boeckeler.com
  • Edax, Inc/AMETEK
    Primary Contact: John Haritos
    Email: john.haritos@ametek.com
  • Gatan Inc.
    Primary Contact: Matt Chipman, Western Regional Sales Manager
    Email: mchipman@gatan.com
    Phone: 801-580-0547
  • Hamamatsu
    Primary Contact: Dick Kershaw
    Email: rkershaw@hamamatsu.com
    Phone: 949-458-8113
  • JEOL USA, Inc.
    Primary Contact: Gene Griggs
    Email: ggriggs@jeol.com
  •  MarineReef Inc
    Primary Contact: Paul DeGeorge
    Email: pdegeorge@marinereef.com
  • North Central Instruments/Leica Microsystems
    Primary Contact: Chris Allen, Life Science Sales
    Email: chrisa@ncimicro.com
    Phone: 602-419-6234
  • Olympus Microscopy
    Primary Contact: Myron McKenzie, Arizona Sales Representative
    Email: myron.mckenzie@olympus.com
  • Oxford Instruments
    Primary Contact: David Richards
    Email: david.richards@oxinst.com
  • Park Systems Inc.
    Primary Contact: Ryan Yoo
    Email: ryoo@parkafm.com
  •  Ted Pella
    Primary Contact: Kathy Stangenberg
    Secondary Contact: David Rollings
    Email: david_rollings@tedpella.com, sales@tedpella.com
    Phone: 800-237-3526
  •  Tescan-USA
    Primary Contact: Drew Erwin, Product Manager
    Email: drewerwin@tescan-usa.com

Corporate Silver Sponsors

  • SPI Supplies
    Primary Contact: Eugene Rodek
    Email: ssibley@2spi.com